Kerosene is a type of fuel used to heat people’s homes. This combustible hydrocarbon liquid is a derivative of petroleum.

Kept in storage tanks, kerosene is often used in more rural areas to heat and power houses and businesses.

This is because many rural areas are not connected to the national gas pipeline network. Kerosene was found to fuel over 1.5 million homes and up to 250,000 rural businesses, according to OFTEC.

This fuel is a petroleum product, made and stored in a process called fractional distillation.  This involves separating the compounds that make up crude oil.

What is kerosene called in the UK?

It is important to be aware that kerosene is often referred to by other names, especially if you are looking to purchase some.

In the UK and many other places around the world, Kerosene is known as paraffin.

Some people refer to it as heating oil or lamp oil.

Often, kerosene is shortened to “kero” due to its many uses across different industries.

What is kerosene used for?

Also known as jet fuel, kerosene is the main power used in the aviation industry. It has even powered rocket engines for missions to space!

It also fuels millions of homes all around the world and is used to power lighting and cooking.

Motorbikes and small outboard motors also use kerosene to power them.

The fuel is used as a lubricant by some industries and as solvent by others.

Even the entertainment industry uses kerosene! Any special effects involving fire are created with kerosene.

How can Southern Fuels help?

Our team of local experts at Southern Fuels are consistently monitoring the fuel market, allowing us to offer our valued customers the very best prices for heating oil.

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We provide three types of kerosene:

Standard Domestic Kerosene

In the UK, this is the most common type of fuel used for heating homes.

It is perfect for use in the majority of vaporised burners and all domestic pressure jet heating oil boilers.

Betterburn Boiler Kerosene

Specifically formulated for boiler systems, this is one of our premium kerosene types.

It keeps your fuel system systems clean to reduce sludge formation and inhibits corrosion.  It lowers CO2 emissions, meaning the burn from this fuel is cleaner and greener.

This reduces the number of potential service issues, facilitating optimum burner performance.

Betterburn Cooker Kerosene

Another one of our premium kerosene has been formulated for cooker systems.

This version also inhibits sludge formation, which stabilise the fuel. It lowers carbon and deposit build-up.

Therefore it keeps the fuel fresher for longer, preventing service problems.

Kerosene – do you need some more information?

We hope that this guide has been useful in providing some knowledge on kerosene!

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