Top Tips For Reducing Your HGV Fuel Bill

Published: Thu, 29 Aug 2019

Top Tips For Reducing Your HGV Fuel Bill

Driving a heavy goods vehicle for a logistics company can mean you are on the road 24/7. Whilst this is a job that allows you to see the world and is good pay, it can also feel like you are constantly burning a hole in your pocket with your fuel bill. However, there are both small and big ways you can take action to save precious pennies and, in turn, contribute to helping the environment. 

Below, as a leading supplier of commercial fuel for lorries, HGV fleets and agricultural equipment, our team has learned some tricks of the trade for reducing your fuel bill. Read on to find out more. 
Quick guide to HGV fuel oil prices 
From general maintenance to tyres and fuel costs, it is no secret that running any type of vehicle is expensive, especially as these costs add up over time. It’s always important to keep track of your HGV running finances, so you aren’t painfully shocked when you get a surprise bill. 
According to The Truck Expert, truck operating costs in the UK have risen between 3% and 4.6% between 2017 and 2018. Though these prices do appear steep, they are not as bad as some people predicted, especially after the UK’s EU referendum in 2016. Yet, with the general rise of inflation that occurs year on year, these prices could steadily increase. 
A great way to save money is to look at what you spend the most money on. This is applicable to every part of life as you can try and find ways to cut down costs. For the HGV industry, generally speaking, fuel costs can account for 30% of the total operating costs for running a heavy goods vehicle. This is certainly a large percentage and something you should take seriously when wanting to save money overall. 
As with most things, once you fully understand the costs you are incurring, then you can do something about it. As a fleet manager, simply trying to reduce your fuel costs by 5% can lead to tens of thousands worth of savings, which can be used towards other areas of the business. 
How to lessen your HGV engine oil costs 
There are actually many simple ways that you can avoid constantly shelling out precious pennies and alleviate fuel costs. Simply making a concerted effort to perform some of these actions below, can help save that precious 5%, or even more. 
Turning off the engine when idle
One of the main culprits of wasting precious fuel is not fully turning off the engine of your vehicle when idle. This could be in situations like heavy traffic, at traffic lights, or generally just waiting around. Simply turning your engine off will mean that you won’t waste fuel, and also can help alleviate wasted emissions from polluting the environment. 
Reducing speed 
Another great way to reduce HGV fuel costs is to reduce the speed of your HGV when able. For instance, meeting the minimum of the national speed limit rather than the maximum, and generally reducing speed in urban areas. Not only does this reduce your fuel costs, as like sitting idly, excess fuel is not wasted, but also it encourages good driving practises and being safe on the road. 
Checking tyre pressures regularly
Regularly checking tyre pressures should be part and parcel of your general maintenance routine. However, did you know that this could also improve the fuel efficiency of your HGV? This is because, having good tyre pressures means that there is less rolling resistance with the road. If the tyre is deformed, due to the lack of air, you will be using more fuel to make your HGV move because of the added friction. 
Change fuel supplier
Have you ever thought that changing your fuel supplier could save you precious pennies? Simply doing a bit of research and contacting a multitude of different fuel suppliers means that you can get a range of different quotes. A new fuel supplier could give you a better deal than the one you were using previously, and if you are really savvy, you could quote this back to your current fuel supplier so they match the deal and keep you as a loyal customer. 
Avoid driving in heavy traffic areas and in adverse weather 
Adverse road conditions like heavy rain, storms and snow, can mean that you burn excessive fuel because of the change in weather conditions and thus the change of friction on the roads. One of the best ways to do this is either avoid driving in these conditions altogether or preparing your vehicle before driving - for instance putting on snow tyres. 
Heavy traffic flow can also mean that you burn extra fuel needlessly. Though traffic can happen any time due to accidents, perhaps make an extra effort to not drive during rush hour or checking traffic conditions before you leave. 
Upgrade your HGV 
Similarly to changing your fuel supplier, have you considered that your HGV itself could be causing the excessive run down of fuel? Generally, new models of vehicles are designed to be far more fuel and energy efficient than older models. 
Avoid overloading the vehicle
Although it cannot be helped if you have plenty of goods to transport, you should certainly avoid overloading your HGV as this means that more fuel is wasted in transportation. For example, for every extra 25kg that your vehicle carries, your fuel consumption will rise by 1%. To minimise fuel costs, do this is by simply being organised and only taking what is needed, rather than trying to cram everything in to fit margins. 
Turn off the air-conditioning
We can understand that it can get stuffy in a lorry, especially if you are travelling in hot weather. And, despite air conditioning being helpful in these situations, they also impact your fuel usage. Simply practising good habits like taking a cool drink of water with you in your HGV, opening the windows and only using the air conditioning when you really need will help contribute to saving money. 
Switch to fuel cards
Here at Southern Fuels, we understand that every fleet manager will want to save money on their fuel costs, that is why we have designed an innovative solution to help. Our fuel cards are designed to save you money every time you fill your vehicle. Plus, with the added benefit of cashless transactions, regular account statements and restricted transactions, this will also allow you to keep on top of your fuel budget easily. 
Why reducing your fuel benefits the environment (and your pocket!)
Though reducing your fuel intake is beneficial to your purse strings, it certainly also helps minimise your impact on the environment. Simply put, your HGV will generate a large amount of carbon emissions which will contribute to greenhouse gases, air pollution and noise pollution. Reducing and saving the amount of fuel that your HGV uses will lessen this impact. 
Southern Fuels: Commercial Fuel Company in Honiton
Here at Southern Fuels, we pride ourselves on offering the very best fuel options for a variety of industries, including, lorries, HGV fleets, and agriculture. Not only does this prove that we, as a company, have invaluable experience, but also we deliver the highest quality fuel and stellar customer service to all of our clients. 
Whether you are in need of an emergency fuel supplier or you are looking for a commercial fuel quote, with us we can offer fast punctual service, excellent communication and a friendly positive attitude that makes us one of the most trusted fuel suppliers in our area. 
Alongside our commercial fuel services, we can also offer off-grid homes and businesses heating oil, lubricants, and boiler servicing. To find out more about us, or if you are interested in saving money through our fuel cards, simply contact us today


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