The Importance of Using a Gas Safe Engineer

Published: Fri, 29 Mar 2019

The Importance of Using a Gas Safe Engineer

If you’re experiencing problems with your boiler, then it can be tempting to hire someone quickly without checking if they are properly qualified. However, doing so could put you and your family in serious danger as repairing and maintaining gas operated systems requires relevant training and experience. But, one way that you can ensure you are hiring a qualified engineer or company, is to look out for those who are Gas Safe registered; this is a national register which all gas businesses must be enlisted on by law.


But why is it so important and how can i check it? Here we explain the important details that you need to know before you organise a boiler service.

Why is it important for an engineer or company to be gas safe registered?

Putting cost and convenience over your safety should never be considered, especially when it comes to working with gas operated appliances. Hiring an engineer who is unqualified could lead to fatal consequences to those living in the home; gas boilers, fires and cookers that are fitted incorrectly can lead to gas leaks or even explosions. One of the most dangerous aspects of badly maintained goods is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. You can’t smell or see this type of gas but over time you’ll likely experience a deterioration on your health or worse. Additionally, hiring someone with little experience could incur further costs if you need a second engineer to assess things properly.

How can I check if someone is Gas Safe registered?

To check if an individual engineer or company is registered this can be done by checking the Gas Safe Register ; this is an official list of the businesses that are legally allowed to carry out gas work. Every engineer that is enlisted will have a Gas Safe ID card, you have the right to check the details provided on this card before any work is started and any responsible company should be happy for you to do this. You can type an individual’s ID number directly into the website or via the helpline, and from there you will find details about what type of work they are qualified to complete.


Details to check on the card include:


●The engineer's photo

●The start and expiry dates

●The licence number

●The security hologram

●The engineer is from the business you employed

●The engineer is qualified to carry out the gas job you’ve employed them to do

●Their qualifications are up-to-date

You can also check the registration of companies by the company name and use your postcode to find a local engineer. You should never be afraid to ask an engineer for ID and if you have any doubts then it’s best to go with someone else.

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