Getting Your Boiler Serviced: Four Reasons Why It’s Vital

Published: Tue, 30 Jul 2019

Getting Your Boiler Serviced: Four Reasons Why It’s Vital

Having your boiler provide you with hot water is something that may you barely think about when you turn on your tap or load the washing machine - this is because they are intrinsic to how the modern person lives. Because of this it is therefore very important to keep your boiler in tip-top shape by getting it serviced regularly.

Here are four reasons why:
It Will Reduce Your Gas Bill
Getting your boiler looked at isn’t just another thing that your overloaded bank balance has to pay for - it is something that can save you money! If your boiler isn’t running at peak efficiency, it is likely that it is using more gas than is needed for the same job, which can certainly increase your quarterly bill substantially!
It Will Prevent Issues Becoming Serious
A boiler is a very intricate machine that has many different components. If just one of these gets damaged then it can lead to many other parts being compromised over time. If however, you catch get your boiler serviced regularly, an engineer can stop the overall cost of repairing from increasing substantially.
It Will Stay Under Warranty
Most boilers are under warranty from the manufacturer, which means that they will be repaired or replaced if they break. The manufacturer insists this only applies, however, if it is well looked after, which generally means that it is regularly serviced at least once a year.
It’s The Law
If you are fortunate enough to own a house or flat that you rent out to tenants, it is the law that you service your boiler so it is safe for them. If you don’t, you can get prosecuted like this Devon landlord.
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