Four Handy Boiler Maintenance Tips

Published: Fri, 26 Jul 2019

Four Handy Boiler Maintenance Tips

Devon might seem very hot and sunny now, but come winter our county can in fact get quite cold! In only a few months you will be rummaging around in your drawer for a jumper as the temperatures begin to plummet - so its best to make sure that your boiler is working properly. 

Follow these four tips to ensure that your boiler is maintained and ready to work as it should when the cold weather comes. 
Don’t Ignore Warning Signs
All modern boilers come with advanced warning systems to make you aware that there is a problem that needs to be fixed. They aren’t just pretty lights - they are there because you need to do something! 
If you ignore the warning signs that could be telling you that there is an issue with your boiler, the problem is likely to only get worse - which will cost you even more to fix.
Bleed Your Radiators
This simple task is easy to perform yourself and improves the performance of your radiator no end. By releasing the air from the system, your boiler won’t have to work so hard which will keep it in good health while saving you money on gas costs.
Service Your Boiler Regularly
Getting your boiler serviced regularly is very important. By hiring a Gas Safe registered boiler engineer you are buying a gas pressure check, a flue check, an internal component inspection and a visual inspection that will check that the boiler conforms to safety standards.
Don’t Service Your Boiler Yourself!
Even with the best boiler maintenance in the world, keeping your heating system running as it should can cost a decent amount of money. Because of this it can be tempting to consider maintaining or fixing their own boiler themselves - which is a bad idea! Not only is fiddling with a boiler dangerous if you don’t have proper training, it can easily create problems that didn’t exist previously. 
A good boiler inspection will ensure that your boiler doesn’t break as you approach the all-important winter months, threaten your safety, and it can ultimately save you money in the long run by fixing issues before that get worse.
Southern Fuels
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