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Gas Oil

Gas Oil is mainly used in machinery such as tractors as well as the construction industry for generators. It is also known as red diesel. Gas Oil is not to be used as road fuel.

Why not ask about our Premium Gas Oil which is recommended by leading manufacturers so ensure you get the best out of your machinery.





Ultra Gas Oil

Southern Fuels are pleased to now offer our customers Ultra Gas Oil, our premium fuel for agricultural and commercial machinery. Introduction of legislation requiring a higher FAME content in gas oil has led to several problems in performance, with Ultra Gas Oil this is no longer the case.

By increasing the cetane number of the fuel, Ultra Gas Oil give you a cleaner, better and more efficient burn; providing easier starting, increased pulling power and less visible emissions. Not only does the fuel make your machinery run better, but for longer too. The increased fuel lubricity compensates for the reduction of sulphur in the fuel and reduces friction in the fuel pump and injectors, helping your machinery last longer and not suffer from premature wear. Ultra Gas Oil also reduces deposit formation, preventing nozzle coking in older engines and protecting against corrosion. There is also increased water resistance, helping prevent emulsions from forming which block your filters.

If you’re interested in ordering Ultra gas Oil or have any questions, please feel free to ask a member of our team next time you order.

Benefits include: 

Increased cetane number

  • Easier starting
  • Increased pulling power
  • Reduces visible emissions
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Improves combustion efficiency
  • Aligns with modern engine calibrations

Increased fuel lubricity

  • Helps compensate for sulphur reduction in fuels
  • Reduces friction in fuel pumps and injectors, protecting against premature wear

Reduced Deposit Formation

  • Enhanced protection from nozzle coking in older engines
  • Helps protect against corrosion

Enhanced Water Resistance

  • Helps prevent emulsions forming and resultant filter blockages
  • Helps to keep water out of fuel

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